Sky House Alam Sutera

Sky House Alam Sutera+ is right in the heart of Alam Sutera CBD, next to IKEA. This apartment complex covers an area of 2.5 hectares and includes a green space as part of the Sky House concept, such as a sky garden and a tropical garden. You can also find a fitness center and a yoga deck. The advantage of Sky House Alam Sutera, which is very close to the Toll Gate, and has 27 exclusive facilities. This location is also surrounded by facilities such as universities, hospitals, offices, cafes, culinary delights, transportation, and various other public facilities.

Sky House Alam Sutera is also a premium apartment that has a high market share and a promising investment value. The idea of having comfortable and safe housing is the best dream to have. You can make it happen at Sky House BSD+ and Sky House Alam Sutera+. With a large market share, it is not only suitable for a living but also for investing. Don’t run out of units, you know that the Sky House apartment has always been a minimalist residence with maximum facilities.

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