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Work efficiently with the support of the best talent to provide services from upstream to downstream.

Real Estate Developer

We will help you find the investors, decide what to build and rebuild, find the contractors, and sell the project.

Robotic Construction

Provide an easy solution to building walls and block structures using 3D CAD models. Your project will be faster and easier

Project Operation
& Marketing Services

Precise project operation and real estate marketing strategy that yield maximum profit at low cost.

Project Design
Interior & Landscape Design

Professional team to work on the best interior and landscape designs that keep up with the times.

Property Management Services

Risland covers maintain and increase property values with professional management.

Project Management Services

Project Design

Risland Indonesia offer design services for residential, factories, industrial areas, or various other projects that are directly managed by design professionals.

Project Operation Management

Provide services for planning, managing, running, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve the desired goals. We also help to make sure that the project is running smoothly without any problems.

Marketing Services

We develop professional strategies, manage budgets, analyze the data, research new marketing, and client opportunities, and also develop a solution to optimize marketing services and operations.

WE PROVIDE ONE-STOP Best Property Development Service

We believe that the success of a project starts with good management, from initial planning to after-sales service!

Risland Indonesia, with the long experience of Risland Holdings, is here to synergize in building and managing projects, securing investments, and creating ideal communities for coexistence.